level 2 mental health awareness

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Full level 2
Guided learning hours: 130
Credit value: 13

Awarding organisations

Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Awareness (QCF) (13 Credits)

who is it for?

This programme is ideal for learners aged 16 and above, who are working in a range of settings within the public, private or voluntary sectors and who wish to raise their awareness of mental health.

course outline

Mental distress takes many forms. This target-bearing, full Level 2 qualification aims to broaden learners’ knowledge of mental ill-health and the most commonly diagnosed mental health conditions. Learners will develop an awareness of the signs and symptoms of these conditions and how they may affect people’s day-to-day lives. Learners will also gain an insight into how these conditions can be successfully managed.

course content

The course comprises four concise module workbooks, which combine the following units:

  • Unit 01: Understanding Mental Health
    (Credit value: 4) (T/504/0482)
  • Unit 02: Understanding Stress
    (Credit value: 1) (M/504/0481)
  • Unit 03: Understanding Anxiety
    (Credit value: 1) (Y/504/0488)
  • Unit 04: Understanding Phobias
    (Credit value: 1) (H/504/0493)
  • Unit 05: Understanding Depression
    (Credit value: 1) (M/504/0495)
  • Unit 06: Understanding Post-Natal Depression
    (Credit value: 1) (T/504/0496)
  • Unit 07: Understanding Bipolar Disorder
    (Credit value: 1) (L/504/0553)
  • Unit 08: Understanding Schizophrenia
    (Credit value: 1) (M/504/0562)
  • Unit 09: Understanding Dementia
    (Credit value: 1) (A/504/0564)
  • Unit 10: Understanding Eating Disorders
    (Credit value: 1) (R/504/0571)

course delivery and assessment

Tribal’s learning materials comprise a set of high-quality workbooks, which have been produced to suit a range of delivery methods. Learners will be provided with all the necessary materials to complete the programme and will have the opportunity to work through a series of reflective activities designed to reinforce the learning process and test their knowledge. The learning materials also include an assessment, which allows learners to complete a portfolio of evidence and demonstrates achievement of all learning outcomes associated with each unit. The assessment is available as a printed booklet or can be completed online.

A comprehensive tutor guide is supplied to accompany these materials. To view a sample of a tutor guide, click here.

progression opportunities

By undertaking this programme, candidates will be able to further their own continuous professional development, which may improve their career prospects, or progress on to further qualifications such as courses in equality and diversity, care or related subjects.